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Alpha Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Alpha is the Blade of Enmitiy of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is a pure cyborg created by Laboratory 1718 and is assigned the task of hunting down and killing Saber, a traitor who escaped from the laboratory. The laboratory was founded by Dr. Baker, who aimed to advance the human race through human augmentation. However, he lost control of the laboratory to Professor Giraad and other mad scientists, resulting in conflicts and diverging ideas.

Best Alpha Build - Emblem, Spell, Items and Guide - MLBB
The Blade of Enmity of Mobile Legends – Alpha

Octavius, another scientist expelled from a different organization, had the vision to create a human that is made entirely of mechanical materials with a conscious mind. His project, known as the ‘Alpha-Beta’ project, was rejected by the higher-ups in Laboratory 1718. However, when Saber wreaks havoc in the laboratory, destroying much of the equipment and killing Beta, Octavius sees an opportunity for his project.

Seizing the chance, Octavius proposes the creation of a self-aware cyborg, Alpha, who would be fiercely loyal to Laboratory 1718. With the laboratory’s resources, he is built as a superior mechanical fighter and sent on a mission to destroy Saber, accompanied by the transformed combat machine, Beta. However, as Alpha embarks on his mission, he begins to experience the emergence of sentient thoughts and emotions. He remembers the night Saber betrayed them and the pain he felt when Beta was attacked. Alpha realizes that what he felt towards Saber was hatred, a feeling that extends beyond their mechanical bond.

During their confrontation, Saber spares Alpha and Beta, acknowledging the potential within them beyond being mere puppets. Saber questions Alpha about the existence of a soul, leaving him intrigued. Determined to seek revenge, Alpha believes that the key to understanding the soul lies in becoming stronger. As the storm clears, Alpha carries the damaged Beta, contemplating that the soul is power, and he must find his soul to achieve his revenge.

Alpha Overview

Alpha is a Fighter hero that specializes in Charge and Damage. His Durability and Control Effect is above average but his Offense is slightly below-average. His skills are composed of AoE, Slow, Damage, Heal, Blink and Crowd Control. Alpha’s recent revamp increased his pick rate due to his powerful new attacks and lower cooldown. Tanks will now hate him because all of his attacks have True Damage. This means that enemy defenses are useless to him.

Best player of Alpha in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Alpha of Mobile Legends – Enton

This guide will be referencing Enton who is the current Global Top 1 Alpha player of Mobile Legends. We will cover his best Alpha build and have a closer look at his choice of emblem, spell and items to help us learn how he reached the highest spot for this hero.

Basic Stats

HP Regen8.8Mana Regen0
Physical ATK123Magic Power0
Physical DEF18Magic DEF10
Attack SPD0.91Movement SPD260
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Beta, Advance!

Enemies hit by Alpha’s skills multiple times will be marked. Whenever Alpha damages a marked target, Beta will attack and slow them.

First Skill:
Rotary Impact

Alpha unleashes a wave or energy in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies in its path and slowing them. Beta then strafes enemies along the same path. 

Second Skill:
Force Swing

Alpha swings his blade in the target direction, dealing damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area and recovering HP for each enemy hit. Beta then strafes enemies in the same area.

Ultimate Skill:
Spear of Alpha

Alpha commands Beta to strike the target location, stunning enemies hit. Meanwhile, he leaps toward the exact location, knocking airborne enemies in his path and bringing them along with him. Beta then strafes at the location multiple times.

Best Alpha Build


Alpha Emblem Set

Custom Assassin Emblem set

Recommended Emblem and Talent for Alpha - Mobile Legends
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Alpha


Agility – Movement Speed +6.00
Invasion – Physical Penetration +6.00
Master Assassin – When there’s only one enemy hero nearby, damage dealt to the enemy hero is increased by 7%

Battle Spell


The Global Top 1 Alpha player found it best to use this battle spell. Since his attacks are mostly close combat, it can help him execute his skills without interruptions and even cancel channeling attacks from his opponents.


This battle spell is recommended by the game in default. Its damage reduction can help Alpha last longer against his opponent while its damage reflection can help him damage his target much better.

Alpha Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – Second Skill: Force Swing
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Spear of Alpha
Least Priority – First Skill: Rotary Impact

Triple kill by Alpha - Mobile Legends
Alpha is on a killing spree!

Alpha Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
You can use this combo before your Ultimate Skill is unlocked. Since he is a melee hero, starting his combo with the First Skill is recommended to slow the Movement Speed of his target. Then, move close to your target and start dealing with Basic Attacks. If it fights back, use your Second Skill to heal yourself and then continue to deal with Basic Attacks.

Second Combo: 
Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks
This is the recommended long combo. Use the Second Skill immediately after knocking up your target. The reason for that is to make sure that both Alpha and Beta hits the target when you use your Second Skill. You can also use Petrify afterward. Use your First Skill to reduce the Movement Speed of your target and barrage it with Basic Attacks as it tries to escape.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. You can use Alpha’s long-range First Skill to poke your target and hit the minions at the same time. If the enemy’s HP is low enough, you can unleash your strong combo to finish it.

High kills and assists by Alpha in Mobile Legends
MVP Win by Alpha – Onimusha Commander skin

Spam. The new buffed Alpha has an insanely low cooldown for his skills. You can feel free to spam them—including his Ultimate Skill. Don’t hesitate to also his skills to kill jungle monsters.

Farm. Even if you’re a fighter hero, it’s very important to be ahead of strong items against your enemies to dominate the game. Leave the jungle monsters to your core hero and steal the jungle monsters of the enemy instead. Never give them a chance to get the crab in your lane.

Gank. His Ultimate Skill which can knock up a group of enemies is great for ganking. With your durable build, you can initiate a surprise attack that will lock down the target helplessly as your allies help you eliminate the enemy.

Team Fight. Despite your durability, it’s safer to have the tank initiate a team fight. Focus on knocking up as many enemies as you can. Target the mage and marksman as much as possible because of their high damage and low durability. Sometimes, you might need to step back a little to wait for your cooldown to refresh before heading back again into the clash.

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