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Minotaur Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Minotaur is the Son of Minos of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His story began in the Agelta Drylands’ prosperous state named Minoa. The prince of Minoa, Minotaur, was a skilled warrior who was known for his strength and rage. However, his savagery and impulsive behavior often led him into trouble.

Best Minotaur Build - Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide - MLBB
Minotaur – Mobile Legends

One day, Minotaur was challenged to a duel by a mysterious figure from a foreign land. He accepted the challenge without hesitation, but he was quickly defeated by his opponent. In a fit of rage, Minotaur mortally wounded his father, the king.

Consumed by shame and regret, Minotaur exiled himself to the Minoan Labyrinth. He spent many years there, training and learning to control his rage. Eventually, he was able to tap into his raging powers at will, and he emerged from the Labyrinth a changed man.

However, when Minotaur returned to Minoa, he found that his state had been destroyed. His people were gone, and his father was dead. He vowed to rebuild Minoa and avenge his father’s death.

Minotaur set out on a journey to find his lost kin and rebuild the Minoan civilization. Along the way, he met many challenges, but he never gave up hope. Eventually, he was able to reunite with his people and restore Minoa to its former glory. 

Minotaur Overview

Minotaur is a Tank/Support hero specializing in Crowd Control. He has high Durability and Control Effect but low Offense. Minotaur’s skills are composed of Buff, Area of Effect, Crowd Control and Heal. Enemies fear his Ultimate Skill that can slow and knock up a large group of enemies in a large area. With the right technique, combos and build, you can optimize your Minotaur usage in the game.

The best player of Minotaur in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Minotaur of Mobile Legends – iamsupportnotatank

This guide will be referencing iamsupportnotatank which is the Global Top 1 Minotaur player of Mobile Legends. His approach and strategy of Minotaur have been effective enough to put him on the top ranking for this hero. We’ll examine his best Minotaur build and his choice of emblem, spell and items to help us improve our gameplay with the revamped Minotaur.

Basic Stats

HP Regen8.8Mana Regen0
Physical ATK123Magic Power0
Physical DEF18Magic DEF10
Attack SPD0.91Movement SPD260
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Rage Incarnate

When Minotaur applies a control effect to an enemy hero with a skill, he will also reduce their Hybrid Defense. When Minotaur heals an ally with a skill, he will also increase their Hybrid Defense. These effects are doubled in the Enraged state.

First Skill:
Despair Stomp

Minotaur jumps to the target location, dealing damage to enemies in the area and knocking them airborne.

Enraged: Minotaur’s attack range is greatly increased and Basic Attacks deal extra Physical damage.

Second Skill:
Motivation Roar

Minotaur restores HP to himself and nearby allied heroes.

Enraged: Minotaur gains Enraged Regen for 2 seconds, during which he recovers HP each time he’s hit by a Basic Attack.

Ultimate Skill:
Minoan Fury

Minotaur enters an Enraged state and smashes the ground three times, dealing damage to nearby enemies. The final hit will knock targets airborne.

Best Minotaur Build


Minotaur Emblem Set

Custom Support Emblem set

Recommended emblem and talents for Minotaur - Mobile Legends
Custom Support Emblem configuration for Minotaur


Agility – Movement Speed +6.00%
Gift – Healing Effect +10.00%
Pull Yourself Together – Respawn is reduced by 15%, while Battle Spell cooldown is reduced by 15%.

Battle Spell


This battle spell was selected Global Top 1 Minotaur player of Mobile Legends. It fits his choice of emblem because it reduces the cooldown of this battle spell and increases its healing feature. This perfectly fits the nature of Minotaur’s role of healing the group.


Other top players are using Flicker for a more offensive approach. This can be combined with his First Skill and Ultimate Skill for a surprise group stun.

Minotaur Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – First Skill: Despair Stomp
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Minoan Fury
Least Priority – Second Skill: Motivation Roar

Legendary kill by Minotaur - Mobile Legends
Minotaur is rampaging in the game!

Minotaur Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
This is a recommended early-game combo before reaching level 4. You can do this while hiding inside the bush to give your target a surprise stun. The second step is to deal with Basic Attacks because you need to have a reduced HP as you fight before you can use the Second Skill.

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks
This could end up becoming your main combo. What’s great about Minotaur’s recent revamp is that the cooldown of both your First Skill and Second Skill will be reset the moment you use his Ultimate Skill. This is the reason you need to use both of them before using your Ultimate Skill.

Third Combo:
First Skill + Basic Attacks + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks + First Skill + Basic Attacks
This combo is almost the same as above but you’re delaying your use of the First Skill in the last part. Its purpose is to reserve it just in case your target tries to run and escape.

These are just some of the common combos you can use for Minotaur but the sequence of the skills will always depend on your scenario. There are times when you need to start with your Ultimate Skill to protect yourself from Crowd Control attacks and other related situations.

Fighting Strategy

Protect. The first main role of a tank is to protect the highest damage dealer which is the Marksman. Join the Marksman at the start of the game and keep it protected from assassins and fighters. You also need to help the Marksman secure the crab and the minions so it will earn gold quicker and level up faster. Tank and Marksman heroes complement one another. Your damage is low but your durability is high which is the exact opposite of the Marksman.

Victory by Minotaur - Mobile Legends
Minotaur is the Star of the Show!

Spam. Since your emblem reduces the cooldown of your Revitalize and increases the healing power of your Second Skill, don’t hesitate to keep on using them to help your teammates. You also have a third healing power which comes by default so you have plenty of medical tools to stay in the game.

Gank. His Crowd Control skills are perfect for ganking. Make sure that your backups are near enough before engaging in a battle. Since you’re bulky and heavily armored, you can check the bushes for an assassin because you can withstand its attacks. Get your Ultimate Skill ready just in case enemy reinforcements arrive. You can knock them up while your allies attack them.

Team Fight. This is where Minotaur can stand out because aside from his wide area of slow and knock-up ability, he also has a Crowd Control immunity. If possible, prioritize targeting the enemy Mage with the knock-up from your First Skill and then immediately follow it up with your Ultimate Skill to prevent it from immobilizing you with Crowd Control.

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