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Best Odette Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Odette is the Swan Princess of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She’s a mischievous girl who sneaks out of their grand castle to secretly explore the outside world. She almost got hurt when some thugs tried to attack her but a drunk Lancelot happened to be around and saved her from them.

Odette raising her wand to cast her spell - Mobile Legends
Odette: The Swan Princess

Lancelot was seriously injured so Odette had to slip him into a hidden room in the Swan Castle and take care of him. For many days, she brought him food with her maid and they had a fun time together talking about his adventures. He also sang to her some funny songs as he played the harp. When Lancelot was getting better, Odette felt sad because it also means that his time to leave is nearing.

Odette’s family later received a letter from the Baroque family that their father is courting her on behalf of their son. It made her angry because she doesn’t know who his son is and he can’t even court her on his own. She later remembered that Lancelot is from the Baroque family. He left his family because he doesn’t want an arranged marriage for the sake of resolving their financial problems.

This made Odette thrilled to learn that the man that is being arranged for her could be Lancelot. She has no idea how to approach him anymore but to her surprise, Lancelot left the Swan Castle with a farewell letter for her. This made Odette defy her family once again by leaving them a letter as well letting them know that she’ll be following the traces of Lancelot.

Odette Overview

Odette is a mage hero with a powerful burst, AoE and crowd control skills. She’s feared during team fights because of the number of simultaneous enemies she can eliminate with her ultimate skill. Lancelot should be jealous of Johnson because he is best partnered with her during team fights.

High Win Rate for Odette in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Odette – Bby Chan ✓

This guide will follow the best practices of the current Global Top 1 Odette which is Bby Chan ✓. We will be studying her best Odette build and then check her selected spell, emblem and items to understand how these can optimize Odette’s performance in the game.


Passive: Lakeshore Ambience
Whenever Odette uses her skills, her next basic attack will include a sound wave that hops to different enemies who are close together. Each hop deals 144 – 200 + 50% Total Magic Attack Damage. 

Odette Story - MLBB
Basic Stats of Odette

First Skill: Avian Authority
Odette casts a magic swan in a selected location to deal 300 + 150% Total Magic Power Damage. This also has a 30% slow effect for 2 seconds to all enemies hit.

Second Skill: Blue Nova
Odette throws a pair of magic balls to a selected area to deal 250 + 50% Total Magic Power Damage. Once a target gets hit, it will get stunned for 1.5 seconds. If there’s another enemy nearby, the balls will split and attack it with the same amount of damage and stun duration.

Graceful mermaid with a Magic Staff
Mermaid Skin of Odette

Ultimate Skill: Swan Song
Odette dashes to a target location and then unleashes her powerful magic in a large area that deals 240 + 90% Total Magic Power Damage every 0.5 seconds within 5 seconds. At the same time, she gains 1400 + 150% Total Magic Power Shield. All enemies inside her spell will get a 90% Movement Speed reduction that decays in 2 seconds. Sound wave attacks will be enhanced within the covered area of the spell.

This channeling spell will be interrupted if Odette performs other actions or is controlled.

Best Odette Build


Arcane Boots. This will boost Odette’s Magic Damage through its Physical Penetration feature while increasing her Movement Speed.

Example of a mage hero build
Best Odette Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Clock of Destiny. As a fairly close-range mage, bulking up her HP while increasing her Magic Damage and Mana would be a good second item for her.

Lightning Truncheon. This AoE Magic Damage booster will give her a better chance to eliminate several enemies at once. It will also increase her mana and reduce the cooldown of her skills.

Genius Wand. By design, the purpose of this item is to reduce the magic defense of an enemy while giving Odette a high Magic Damage and improving her Movement Speed. 

Odette in traditional Chinese attire in Mobile Legends
Odette: Auspicious Charm Skin

Late Game Items

Holy Crystal. This is a pure Magic Damage booster. It increases the overall Magic Damage of Odette by a large percentage on top of its high initial Magic Damage.

Divine Glaive. This final item is most suitable in the late part of the game because it allows Odette to counter the Magic Defense of her enemies. Among all the Magic Items, the Divine Glaive has the highest Magic Penetration.

Odette Emblem Set

It’s not a surprise that the Global Top 1 Odette player uses the Custom Mage Emblem set since she functions purely as a mage. For her first configuration, she chose to max out Agility to boost Odette’s movement speed. This will allow Odette to respond to clashes faster and escape better.

Level 60 Emblem - MLBB
Custom Mage Emblem configuration for Odette

For the second feature, she chose to max out Contract which is for enhancing Odette’s lifesteal. Her Magic Lifesteal is more powerful when using her channeling spell with multiple enemies. Even if they attack her while channeling her spell, her shield and lifesteal will keep her sustained.

For the last feature, she selected Mystery Shop. This will make the items more affordable and will help Odette complete her collection faster. Being ahead in items against the enemies gives her a big advantage during clashes.

Battle Spell

Flicker. This battle spell will allow Odette to capture her enemies trying to escape her ultimate skill. Using a flicker spell won’t interrupt her channeling spell. Some might also recommend Purify or Flameshot but it’s not recommended to use any other spell for her other than Flicker.

Best spell for Odette
Flicker is the highly recommended battle spell for Odette

Odette Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Avian Authority. Upgrade Odette’s first skill as soon as it’s available. Aside from having high damage, it also has a short cooldown. Spam this to trigger the sound wave that bounces to multiple enemies.

Odette has two Layla heroes under her magic spell
Odette’s Ultimate Skill: Swan Song

Swan Song. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s available. Your team will have a clash advantage the moment it’s ready.

Blue Nova. While this is a powerful skill to immobilize your enemies, you don’t have to prioritize upgrading it because it won’t reduce its cooldown or prolong its stun feature.

Odette Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks

Use this combo before reaching level 4. You can hide in the bush to ensure that your second skill will hit your target before barraging it with your first skill and basic attacks.

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Second SKill + Basic Attack + Ultimate Skill + Flicker

This is to slow down your enemies’ movement speed before immobilizing them. The basic attack is to trigger the sound wave before using her ultimate skill. As noted in her ultimate skill’s description, it will enhance the sound wave attack.

High kills for Odette
Legendary win for Odette

Third Combo:
Second Skill + Basic Attack + Ultimate Skill + Flicker + First Skill + Basic Attack

Use this if your enemy tends to blink away immediately whenever they see you. Hide in the bush to catch it off guard with the stun then use your ultimate skill right away. If it blinks away outside your range, use the Flicker spell to get it inside again. In case it manages to survive, that’s when you use your first skill with a basic attack to kill it.

There are many other combos that can be used for Odette depending on the situation. In most cases, you may just need to use the second skill and the ultimate skill only to kill the enemy if you’re ahead of level and items. Try to estimate the best combo to use in a particular scenario.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. You can harass your enemies at the start of the game even if you only have your first skill because it can trigger the sound wave. The bouncing notes will give your enemy will have a hard time getting close to the minions. This works a bit similar to the passive skill of Hanabi.

Odette kills Helcurt in a team clash
Odette is rampaging in the game!

Gank. The moment your second skill is active, you can help your teammates lock down an enemy to kill. Simply visit their lane and then hide inside the bush where the enemy gets close. When it starts to engage in a duel with your ally, shock it with your immobilizing skill then help your teammate secure the kill.

Team Fight. Before engaging in a team fight, wait for your allies to set an attack. When your enemies are already busy fighting them and they’ve all cast their crowd control skills, that’s when you join in to attack. You’re lucky if the enemies are too close together because you can kill or severely damage them all at once.

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