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Best Lancelot Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Lancelot is the swift noble knight of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He’s a renowned swordsman who left his royal family and lived in solitude. He had an argument with his father that he won’t marry a woman for the sake of a large sum of money through dowry. He was able to keep himself sustained by winning sword competitions.

A knight pointing his sword upward - Mobile Legends
Lancelot: The Swift Noble Knight

When he got out of a tavern, he saw a young girl who is about to be attacked by some drunkards. He valiantly fought them to save her but got seriously wounded as result. Later, Lancelot is surprised to wake up at Swan Castle. He found out that the young girl he saved was princess Odette who sneaked out of the castle because of her curiosity about the outside world.

Since Swan Castle was restricted to outsiders, Odette had to hide him inside the castle’s tower. She would bring him food daily and listen to his songs while playing the harp. They had fun conversations about Lancelot’s half-truth adventure stories as well. Feeling guilty about his lies, he silently left the castle and left a note to Odette with a promise to fulfill everything they’ve talked about as he embarks on a new adventure.

Lancelot Overview

Lancelot has a unique trait that makes him one of the most feared assassins. Unlike other assassins whose damage is mostly concentrated on one target only—all of Lancelot’s skills have an Area of Effect. He has a better chance of killing more enemies who are grouped together. His mobility is one of the highest in the game.

List of Top 5 Global players of Lancelot - Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Lancelot – WF SI PALING ORI

This guide is based on the best practices of the current Global Top 1 Lancelot player WF SI PALING ORI. We’ll study his best Lancelot build to understand how he managed to have a high win rate for this hero. Each spell, emblem and item will be assessed to help us understand how they work best for Lancelot based on his default stats, role and skills.


Passive: Soul Cutter
Whenever Lancelot makes a dashing attack, his damage is increased from 7.5% up to 30% within 4 seconds.

Lancelot Story - Mobile Legends
Basis Stats of Lancelot

First Skill: Puncture
Lancelot dashes straight to a target area to deal 100 + 50% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies along its path. The first enemy to get hit will get a sword mark. If Lancelot hits an enemy with a sword mark, it will reset the cooldown of this skill.

Second Skill: Thorned Rose
Lancelot unleashes a swift and powerful sword technique that deals 225 + 100% Extra Physical Attack Damage in a triangular area three times. Enemies who are exactly at the center will get three hits and have a 20% slow effect for half a second. Lancelot gets a 40% Spell Vamp from this skill.

Ultimate Skill: Phantom Execution
Lancelot will build up momentum before unleashing his executioner’s strike in a straight direction to deal 400 + 150% Total Physical Attack Damage. He becomes immune to all attacks doing this action.

Best Lancelot Build


Tough Boots. This first and cheapest item on the list simply boosts Lancelot’s Movement Speed while allowing him to take less Magic Damage. Its passive will reduce the control effect on Lancelot.

Lancelot best build - Spell, Emblem & Items - Mobile Legends
Best Lancelot Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

War Axe. This second item will bulk up Lancelot while enhancing his damage because of its additional HP and extra Physical Attack. Its passive will make Lancelot’s attack higher and higher as the battle progresses. He’ll also gain additional Movement Speed when the item’s passive reached full stack. It also has a cooldown reduction feature.

Hunter Strike. This third item has high additional damage with a passive that boosts his Movement Speed after dealing with five consecutive attacks. Its Physical Penetration will make Lancelot’s attacks more armor-busting while its cooldown feature will allow him to use his skills more.

Endless Battle. This fourth item might be one of the most expensive but it has plenty of features that would greatly help Lancelot. It has an above-average additional Physical Damage, mana regen, extra HP, cooldown reduction, Physical Lifesteal and Movement Speed boost. Its True Damage passive is a good addition to the armor-busting features that his previous items have.

A matador hero pointing his sword forward - MLBB
Lancelot: The Matador

Late Game Items

Malefic Roar. Despite its cost, this item is a great pick at the late part of the game because it has the highest armor-busting feature. Most of your enemies will have strong Physical Defense by that time so it’s best to counter them with this high Physical Penetration item.

Blade of Despair. This final item is the most fearsome item for Lancelot because of its high damage that gets even more enormous if the enemy’s HP is less than half. It even has a slight Movement Speed boost that will help Lancelot chase or escape better. Considering that most of Lancelot’s attacks are AoE, he can swiftly erase a group of squishy heroes with the help of this item.

Lancelot Emblem Set

As a pure assassin hero, there’s no question why the Global Top 1 Lancelot player chose the Custom Assassin Emblem for him. Its default features which are mostly related to damage, mobility and cooldown reduction blend well with Lancelot’s skills. Let’s figure out what configuration our top player found to be the most effective for this hero.

Lancelot best emblem - Mobile Legends
Custom Assassin Emblem set configuration for Lancelot

For the first feature, he maxed out Agility which will give Lancelot a Movement Speed boost for better mobility. He selected and maxed out Invasion for the second feature to make Lancelot’s attacks more painful and armor-busting.

For the final feature, he picked Killing Spree. From the name itself, this will benefit Lancelot as he eliminates his enemies one by one because it will restore a good percentage of his HP while boosting his Movement Speed.

Battle Spell

Retribution. It’s rare to see Lancelot not taking the core player role so retribution is the highly recommended battle spell for him. This allows him to quickly farm the jungle monsters and get the buffs to be a better help for his allies. 

Lancelot best spell - Retribution
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Lancelot

Execute. This second spell is the next recommended option for Lancelot because of his burst damage. You can use execute in place of his ultimate skill early in the game if it’s not yet active. In case your target survives your combo, you can also use this to secure your kill.

Flicker. If survivability and chase are your priority, you can also consider using Flicker. Given that Lancelot is a bit squishy, it’s good for him to have an extra escape option handy.

Lancelot Gameplay

Skill Sequence

Thorned Rose. This second skill should be your first priority because it doesn’t just damage a large group of enemies but applies a slow effect as well. The immunity that Lancelot gets from this skill can spare him from different kinds of attacks.

Ultimate skill of Lancelot - MLBB
Phantom Execution

Phantom Execution. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s available. Use it to sweep a large group of enemies or escape a gank sometimes.

Puncture. While this skill can be cast several times and can greatly help you get in and out of the battle—you don’t have to prioritize it.

Lancelot Combo

First Combo: 
First Skill + Basic Attack + First Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill 

Second Combo:
First Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill + Ultimate Skill

There are other ways you can combine his skills for the combo depending on the situation. Keep in mind that Lancelot’s dashing skills are the ones that activate his passive—not his second skill.

High score win of an assassin
Legendary Win by Lancelot

Fighting Strategy

Poke. If you’re not the core player, you can start the game by poking your opponent using your first and second skills. If you’re lucky, you can get the first blood by using the execute battle spell.

Core. As a core player, it’s a given that you should start by farming in the jungle and getting all the buffs. Most importantly, you need to become powerful enough to help your teammates as you roam around the map. Make sure to secure the turtle kill for the team at all costs.

Assassin with several kills in the game
Lancelot making waves on the battlefield

Ambush. As a burst damage hero, your skills have the element of surprise. Therefore, anticipate the movement direction of an incoming hero and then hide in the closest bush on its path. When it gets close enough, swiftly wipe it off with your deadly burst combo before it can even react.

Team Fight. Make the most of your AoE skills by hitting as many enemies as possible. Damaging and slowing down a group of enemies will give your allies the advantage of finishing them off quicker. Prioritize to attack squishy heroes like marksmen & mages.

Unlimited Dash. After getting the blue buff, you can practically dash endlessly to multiple enemies as long as you don’t hit the same target twice. Moreover, this would require some practice because your finger should be quick in aiming and dashing to the right enemy to prevent attacking the same one twice.

Blonde knight with glowing sword
Lancelot’s swordmaster skin

More Tips & Tricks

  • Evade Aldous’ ultimate skill by using Lancelot’s second skill because it makes him immune to any attacks for a short period.
  • Lancelot’s ultimate skill makes him briefly immune to attacks during the dash. Make sure to time it perfectly.
  • Flicker and the glowing orb dash in the jungle can activate Lancelot’s passive because they’re similar to his dashing skills.
  • You can cancel Hayabusa’s ultimate with your second skill.
  • Use your first skill to get behind enemies with straight channeling attacks like the ultimate skills of Gord and Dyrroth.

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