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Best Sun Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Sun is the Monkey King of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He was a legendary warrior who was born from a rock. For an unknown reason, the gods locked him up under a mountain. His body was frozen by ice which prevents him from making any body movement. Sun’s dream of freedom never melted inside his heart. He managed to witness the changes in the world over time as he waited for an opportunity to get free.

Best Sun Build - Emblem, Spell and Items
Sun: The Monkey King

In his frustration, he kept yelling for freedom at the top of his lungs. This act miraculously broke his imprisonment and he was laughing hysterically as he breaks free. He flew away until he reached the Land of Dawn. A place where he has the liberty to embark on an adventure and get another chance to become a legend once more.

Sun Overview

Sun is a fighter hero who can trick his enemies with his clones or even gang up a lone target all by himself. His skill has a good set of heal, Area of Effect, blink and summon. With the right strategy, items and combos, Sun can become a dominating hero in the game.

Best Sun player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Sun – 87.3% Win Rate

This guide will have the Global Top 1 Sun player J. as one of the references. We will be examining his best Sun build and then study his choice of emblem, spell and items to learn how these helped him reach the highest spot for this hero.


Passive: Simian God
Sun and his clones can reduce the Physical Defense of his target by 4% in every attack (10 stacks max).
Successful hits by his clones will restore his HP based on 50% of the damage dealt.

Sun story Mobile Legends
Basic Stats of Sun

First Skill: Endless Variety & Swift Exchange
Endless Variety
Sun throws his golden staff to a selected location to deal 200 + 40% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit. Once a target is hit or it reached its maximum range, the golden staff will transform into a clone. It will have 40% of his attributes and will last for 5 seconds.
Swift Exchange
Sun throws his golden staff to a selected location to deal 200 + 40% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit. He leaves a clone from his original position which has 40% of his attributes and will last for 5 seconds. Meanwhile, he hides within the Golden Staff and then reveals himself when the staff reaches its maximum range.

Second Skill: Instantaneous Move
Sun calls forth his clones to dash and attack his target with him to deal 250 + 60% Total Physical Attack Damage. This will also damage the enemies behind his target.

Monkey King smashing his rod near a lava pit
Sun Wicked Flames Skin

Ultimate Skill: Clone Techniques
Sun summons his ultimate clone which has 70% of his attributes and lasts up to 12 seconds. The clone will receive greater damage.

Best Sun Build


Magic Shoes. This affordable item will simply boost his Movement Speed and then reduce his cooldown. A lower cooldown will let him cast his skills more.

Global Top 1 Sun build
Best Sun Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

War Axe. Despite its low initial damage, it will continue to rise along with his Physical Penetration as he hits his target continuously. This will also add a decent amount of HP and reduce his cooldown further.

Corrosion Scythe. This item will significantly increase his Attack Speed while slowing down the Movement Speed of his target. It will also give him a decent Physical Attack and a slight Movement Speed boost.

Demon Hunter Sword. This fourth item is called a tank-buster because, despite its low default damage, 9% of the overall HP of the target will be added to its damage. Tanks with high HP will suddenly lose their bulkiness the moment Sun gets hold of this item. On top of that, it will also give him a slight lifesteal and a significant Attack Speed percentage.

Monkey King riding a cloud
Sun Spring Blessing Skin

Late Game Items

Dominance Ice. This late-game item will give him high Physical Defense and mana while slightly boosting his Movement Speed. Its passive feature will reduce the shield, HP regeneration and attack speed of the enemies around him. On top of that, it has a cooldown reduction feature as well.

Oracle. This final item will significantly boost his HP and Magic Defense while giving him another cooldown reduction. It will also boost his HP regeneration and Shield Absorption.

Sun Emblem Set

Our Global Top 1 Sun player found it effective to use the Custom Assassin Emblem set for this hero. While some might stick to his fighter nature and use the fighter emblem for him—we will be focusing on how switching to this emblem unlocks another strong side of Sun. Let’s check what configuration worked best with our top player.

Assassin Emblem with Agility, Invasion and Killing Spree
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Sun

For the first feature, he selected and maxed out Agility to boost Sun’s Movement Speed. Since Sun is being used as a core hero by our top player, the Movement Speed boost will allow him to roam faster and help his teammates in a timely manner. For the second feature, he maxed out Invasion to increase his Physical Penetration. This will make his attacks more armor-busting and painful to his target.

For the final feature, he picked Killing Spree. This will give Sun an additional HP and an extra Movement Speed boost every time he makes a kill. This will also increase his survivability as he kills enemy after enemy.

Battle Spell

Retribution. Since our Global Top 1 player is using Sun as a core hero, getting this battle spell is a must for him. This will reduce the damage he’s getting from jungle monsters while increasing the rewards he gets from them. His attacks and HP will have a slight increase as he upgrades the spell.

Battle spell for core heroes farming in the jungle
Retribution is the highly recommended spell for Sun

Inspire. If you’re using Sun in the EXP lane, this attack speed and penetration enhancer would be a great option for him. To make the most out of this spell, activate it before releasing your clones and you’ll have three Sun heroes with an active inspire spell.

Sun Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Endless Variety & Swift Exchange. Prioritize upgrading this first skill because it allows him to shoot a clone to trick and confuse his enemies. This clone can also attack his enemies and serve as a decoy to test if an area is safe. The swift exchange allows him to dash while leaving a mirror image.  This is great for survivability because it will confuse the enemies that they’re still attacking the original hero.

Sun attacking with this three doppelgangers
Sun’s Ultimate Skill: Clone Techniques

Clone Techniques. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it’s available because it allows him to release a clone that has almost the same attributes. A fully upgraded version of his clone will have 100% of his attributes.

Instantaneous Move. This skill is great for calling out his clones to help him attack a specific target but there’s no need to prioritize upgrading it.

Sun Combo

First Combo:
Inspire + First Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill
This is best done while inside the bush and waiting for an enemy to get near. At the start of the game, shock your target with two Sun heroes buffed by the inspire spell. When it tries to run, chase it with your second skill to damage it even more.

High kills with no deaths by Sun
Legendary Win by Sun

Second Combo: 
Inspire + First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill
This combo is similar to the one above but you have three Sun heroes empowered by inspire this time. You can also use this combo to swiftly take down the Turtle or Lord. If you’re ahead of level and items, you have a chance to defeat two heroes with this combo.
These are just two basic combos that you can use for Sun but you can tailor fit the combo depending on your situation.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Sun’s clones allow him to effectively poke his enemies while at a safe distance. If your enemy is good at evading your Golden Staff, simply hide inside a bush and then wait for the target to get near. When it’s near enough, hit it with the Golden Staff. The clone will continue to attack it after the transformation. Keep repeating the step until the enemy’s HP is low enough to be attacked by your killer combo.

Farm. Sun is weak at the start of the game but monstrous once he gets his strong items. Don’t be concerned about making a kill at the early part of the game and focus more on getting the crab and minions to quickly get more coins. Helping the core hero kill the Turtle would also help you achieve your goals faster.

Maniac kill by Sun
Sun is in beast mode in the game!

Roam. If you’ve assumed the core player role, you’re expected to roam and help your teammates as soon as you get the buffs. Be discreet when sneaking inside the bush of another lane so that the enemy won’t realize that an ally is waiting to help when a duel starts.

Ambush. Sun is capable of ganging up on an enemy on his own because of his two clones. Start by hiding inside the bush where a lone hero might pass by.  Then, when the target is nearby, activate inspire before summoning your doppelgangers. The enemy will end up getting beaten down by three monkeys buffed up with the inspire spell.

Team Fight. Sun has the advantage of testing the waters by throwing his weakest clone to an area to reveal how many enemies are waiting for an ambush in an area. Some of them might even waste your skill on your weak clones. This will give your team the idea if they have to push their lanes since the enemies are gathered in one area. A tank can also initiate an AoE stun on those grouped enemies to give your team an advantage during a clash.

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