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Best Tigreal Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Tigreal is the Lightborn Knight of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He came from a family of high-ranking officials and his father is in fact the right-hand man of the emperor himself. As a young man, this placed great pressure on him because he felt the need to live up to the reputation of his family. He trained hard and later joined the military at the age of 16. He successfully demonstrated his exceptional leadership and command during his 4-year stay in the Garrison Army.

Best Tigreal Build and Tips
Tigreal: Warrior of Dawn

Tigreal eventually became the youngest member of the most elite group of the military called the Knights of Light. Everyone was looking up to him because of his achievements.  When war broke out, he was assigned to lead the Second Regiment to fight a demon army. Unfortunately, a mistake by the command center left their group alone deep in the battle. They were asked to fall back but some soldiers had to stay and fight to save the rest. Tigreal was willing to die with them but an experienced deputy made him retreat.

To cover up their mistakes, the higher-ups made it appear that the soldiers who sacrificed themselves were rebellious because of their hunger for credit. This made Tigreal feel terrible and guilty. Because of his struggle and pressure, he went to the icy Northern Vale. His time and battles there taught him that companionship is more important compared to the result of a war. After gaining greater experience and maturity, he decided to come back to the Moniyan Empire and became the leader of the Knights of Light. Day after day, he struggled and worked tremendously to fight the darkness that constantly threaten the Land of Dawn.

Tigreal Overview

Tigreal is a formidable tank hero who is feared for his ability to pull his enemies together and stun them. His skills are composed of buff, Crowd Control, Slow, Area of Effect and stun. Heroes with AoE abilities would love to have him around because they can damage more enemies when Tigreal puts them closer to one another. With the right combo, equipment and strategy, Tigreal can play a major role in the team’s victory.

Best Tigreal player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Tigreal – 72.2% Win Rate

The current Global Top 1 Tigreal player is Papa Sayote. This guide will be referencing his best Tigreal build and then have a closer look at his choice of emblem, spell and items to help us understand what helped him reach the highest position for this hero.


Passive: Fearless
Tigreal gets a stack of blessings every time he gets his with a Basic Attack or if he uses a skill. When the maximum stack of 4 is reached, he becomes immune to the next attack and the stack goes back to 0. Attacks from minions don’t count.

Tigreal Story
Basic Stats of Tigreal

First Skill: Attack Wave
Tigreal hits the ground to create a shockwave in a cone-shaped area to deal 270 + 70% Total Physical Attack Damage. All enemies hit will be slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

Second Skill: Sacred Hammer
Tigreal dashes to push his enemies in a straight direction and deal +100% Total Physical Attack Damage.
Use Again: Within 4 seconds, Tigreal can knock up all enemies in front of him for 1 second and deal 280 + 60% Total Physical Attack Damage.

Tank vs Mage in MLBB
Tigreal’s Ultimate Skill: Implosion

Ultimate Skill: Implosion
Tigreal builds up his energy and then pulls all enemies nearby toward him. Afterward, he stuns his enemies for 1.5 seconds by smashing the ground while dealing 270 + 130% Total Physical Attack Damage.

Best Tigreal Build


Tough Boots. As a tank, it’s expected that he’ll get all the Crowd Control and Magic Attacks so the best way to manage it is with this item. It will reduce the time he’s controlled while increasing his Magic Defense. Its Movement Speed boost will allow him to roam and assist his allies faster.

Global Top 1 Tigreal Build
Best Tigreal Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Dominance Ice. This second item will significantly increase his Physical Defense while increasing his mana as well. Enemies around him will have a reduced Attack Speed, Shield and HP regen. It will also increase his cooldown reduction while slightly improving his Movement Speed.

Athena’s Shield. Tigreal’s HP will be bulked up by this item while giving him high Magic Defense. It will also help him heal with its HP regen. On top of that, it has an extra Magic Shield that reduces Magic Attacks received by a quarter. 

Immortality. This fourth item touches Physical Defense again while increasing his HP. The most important tank feature of this item is resurrection because Tigreal will most likely get killed after absorbing all of the attacks from the enemies. If the team’s coordination and attacks were properly made, all of his enemies will most likely be dead already by the time he is resurrected.

Tank hero with a hammer and shield in front of a castle
Tigreal Lightborn of Dawn Skin

Late Game Items

Radiant Armor. This late-game item works quite similarly to Athena’s Shield. It will increase his HP and Magic Defense and it has a passive feature that further reduces Magic Damage. The main difference is that it has a high HP regeneration. This takes away Tigreal’s need to get back to the base to heal.

Antique Cuirass. This final item will cover Physical Defense again and HP Increase. It also has a little HP regen feature and its passive reduces Physical Attacks when a skill is used on him.

Tigreal Emblem Set

The Custom Support Emblem set worked effectively for the Global Top 1 Tigreal player. The role of a tank and support overlap sometimes and he discovered some great aspects in this emblem that are more beneficial to Tigreal. All of the default features of this emblem are also useful for Tigreal but let’s explore his configuration to learn what area he is more focused on.

Emblem with Mastery, Recovery and Pull Yourself Together
Custom Support Emblem set configuration for Tigreal

For the first feature, he maxed out Mastery to reduce the cooldown of Tigreal’s skills. Being able to cast his skills more is certainly critical for Tigreal’s role of protecting the team. For the second feature, he maxed out Recovery to increase his HP regeneration. Tigreal’s ability to heal on his own lets him stay longer in battle and saves his time from teleporting back to the base to heal.

For the final feature, he picked Pull Yourself Together to reduce his respawn time and the cooldown of his battle spell. He is clearly expecting that death for Tigreal is inevitable and the best way to manage it is by lowering its time span. Being able to use his battle spell more will allow him to set a team battle more often.

Battle Spell

Flicker. This battle spell allows Tigreal to teleport in the midst of a group of enemies and then pull them together with his ultimate skill. No other battle spell would enable him to accomplish a powerful combination.

Teleportation spell to be used for a tank
Flicker is the highly recommended spell for Tigreal

Tigreal Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Attack Wave. Prioritize upgrading his first skill because it has a low cooldown, high damage and slow feature. This can also help Tigreal clear the minion waves faster.

Heavily armored paladin empowered with fire
Tigreal Fallen Guard Skin

Implosion. Upgrade this ultimate skill the moment it’s available because this is what helps Tigreal perform his tank role best.

Sacred Hammer. This is a powerful defense and offense skill but you don’t need to rush upgrading it.

Tigreal Combo

First Combo:
Flicker + Second Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks
This is the recommended combo before unlocking Tigreal’s ultimate skill. You can use this to push the enemy toward your tower or toward your other allies to gank.

High assist win by a tank hero
Expert Wingman Win by Tigreal

Second Combo: 
Flicker + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks
You’ll end up using this as your main combo once you reach level 4. Use this when you spot a large group of enemies who are very close together. Simply teleport at the center of them and then pull them together towards you. This will let you push and knock up more of them with your second skill as your allies attack them. Your first skill will slow down their Movement Speed and make it harder for them to escape from your allies.

Fighting Strategy

Protect. The most important role of the tank is to make sure that the marksman is safe from assassins and other threats. Their skills complement one another because the marksman has great damage but has low HP and Defense while the tank is exactly the opposite.

Assist. Help the marksman get the minions and the crab for faster gold. More gold means strong items and greater damage for the marksman. If the marksman can quickly kill all of the enemies that you’re blocking, then it’s less work for both of you.

Roam. Don’t forget to help your other allies as well. If you can see that the enemies are gathering in one spot, immediately visit it with the marksman as your backup. Take advantage of the enemies’ grouping to combo them with your AoE and CC attacks. In cases where the marksman is doing a great job fighting independently, you can leave it to help your struggling allies.


Gank. If you’re hunting as a group, you should take lead since you can withstand deadly attacks. Always check the bushes to see if there is an assassin hiding and then immediately stun it so that your allies can help you eliminate it. Don’t distance yourself too much from your team and regularly check if you have a backup nearby before engaging in a fight.

Team Fight. Always reserve your Flicker spell for a large group of enemies. You may sometimes catch them working together to kill the Lord or the Turtle. Catching the most number of enemies with your ultimate skill gives your team a great advantage during team fights. Prioritize catching their marksman and mage because they can deal great damage but are easier to eliminate.

Communicate. Before starting a game, ensure that your Quick Chat feature has the proper phrases to help your team quickly grasp your messages. What you’re about to do should be clear to them so you won’t end up jumping into a group of enemies without any help. Always check the map to see if you have enough backup and then message your team to brace for a clash.

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