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Best Argus Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Argus is the Dark Angel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is the twin brother of Rafaela and everyone was surprised when he was born because angels are traditionally female. His identity was hidden from the people while Rafaela was glorified by many. As for Argus, he didn’t care about what the people believed and what was important to him is the welfare of her sister Rafaela.

Best Argus Build and Guide - Mobile Legends
Argus: The Nightstalker

The sibling disagrees about their view of mankind. Rafaela loves humans and understands that those who stray from righteousness have a chance to get back on the right path. Argus, on the other hand, blames the humans’ evil and corruption which invited the rise of the Abyss. When war broke out, Argus fought the demons bravely and managed to beat a large group on his own. After the battle, he stole a legendary demonic sword from the enemy’s camp.

The moment he grabbed it, a dark power came into his mind and revealed his origin. A woman who was about to get married was captured by Sacrists and forced to drink holy water. This ritual will let her conceive the child of the Lord of Light. She found a way to escape to be with her lover but they were tracked down. The Sacrists killed the man and they brought back the woman to the monastery.

When the woman gave birth, they were shocked to see a twin. Since the other one is unusually a boy, they decided to kill him. Their attempts failed because the boy is protected by a radiant glow. Since he has the same power as his sister, they decided not to kill him anymore. When Argus came to his senses, he allowed the dark powers to take over him because of what he found out. He became the enemy of mankind and the only Dark Angel in the world.

Argus Overview

Argus is a fighter hero who is feared for his swift blade and Death Immunity. His skills are composed of buff, Crowd Control, blink, Area of Effect and debuff. He can jump into a group of enemies and initiate a fight fearlessly because of his invulnerability. Facing him head-on without a backup is a death wish.

Best Argus player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Argus – 68.4% Win Rate

This guide will be referencing the effective approach of the Global Top 1 Argus player El Chan. We’ll thoroughly inspect his best Argus build, examine his choice of spell and items and then have a closer look at this emblem configuration. This is to learn better what factors helped him reach the highest spot for this hero.


Passive: Warmonger
The demonic blade increases its charge when Argus successfully hits his target. A fully charged blade allows him to deal an extra Basic Attack that deals 155 + 100% Total Physical Attack Damage. This will also recover his HP by 65 + 40% Total Physical Attack.

Argus Story
Basic Stats of Argus

First Skill: Demonic Grip
Argus swiftly extends his hand to a selected point to deal 125 + 60% extra Physical Damage. If an enemy is hit, it will get stunned for 0.7 seconds and will get pulled to him where they meet at the center. If no one gets hit, Argus will be pulled to the location of his hand.
Use Again: Argus slashes his sword as he dashes to deal 175 + 100% extra Physical Attack to all enemies in his path.

Second Skill: Meteoric Sword
Argus builds up momentum and then attacks with a powerful stab to a selected point to deal 300 + 40% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit (200% for Minions). This will also slow the enemies by 80% for 0.8 seconds.
This attack will leave a curse for 4 seconds. The enemy will receive 35 + 16% Total Physical Attack damage every 0.3 seconds while moving. Every step during a cursed state will leave a trail mark. Argus’ Movement Speed will get boosted by 40% on the Cursed Trail.

Fighter hero against a marksman in Mobile Legends
Argus’s Ultimate Skill: Eternal Evil

Ultimate Skill: Eternal Evil
Argus dispels all of the debuffs cast on him and then transforms into a Fallen Angel mode. He becomes immune to death within 4 seconds while getting a fully charged Demonic Blade. Meanwhile, the speed of charging his blades becomes boosted while 100% of the damage he deals will be converted to HP after transforming back to his original state.
Passive: His Physical Attack will be boosted by 10.

Best Argus Build


Demon Hunter Sword. This cost-effective weapon may seem to add a low Physical Attack but its passive feature allows him to deal huge damage if the target’s HP is full. It will also boost his Attack Speed and give him a slight lifesteal for a limited time.

Global Top 1 Argus Build
Best Argus Build – Emblem, Spell and Items

Swift Boots. This second item will simply grant him an Attack and Movement Speed boost.

Windtalker. This has the highest Attack Speed in the list. Greater Attack Speed could help Argus trigger his Warmonger passive more. It will also increase his Movement Speed and Critical Chance. On top of it all, it has a passive feature that triggers a small typhoon that deals with Magic Damage for up to 3 enemies.

Berserker’s Fury. This fourth item will boost his damage and Critical Chance. Its passive feature will make his Critical Hits more painful because those will be boosted by a high percentage.

The Darth Vader of MLBB
Argus Star Wars Skin

Late Game Items

Scarlet Phantom. This late-game item will put Argus in a Frenzy state because it will increase his Attack Speed further. Its passive feature will increase his Attack Speed even more in every successful Critical Hit. It will also give him more Critical Chance while slightly increasing his Physical Attack.

Malefic Roar. This final item will make sure that his enemies will continue to feel the pain of his attacks even if they have upgraded their armor. On top of its high Physical Damage, it also has a high Physical Penetration. This feature makes his attacks bypass a large portion of the enemy’s armor.

Argus Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Argus player is currently using the Custom Assassin Emblem set for this hero. While some might use the Custom Fighter Emblem set for him to bulk up his HP and defense, our top player found it more effective to focus on mobility and damage. Let’s check out what’s his optimized configuration of this emblem.

Emblem with High & Dry Final feature
Custom Assassin Emblem set configuration for Argus

For the first two features, he maxed out Bravery to increase his Physical Attack and then he picked Invasion to increase his Physical Penetration. His goal is clearly focused on increasing attack damage.

For the final feature, he picked High and Dry to slightly boost his damage if there’s only one enemy around. This cements the idea that he’s more focused on killing and hunting his enemies silently one at a time.

Battle Spell

Inspire. This battle spell will make his attacks insanely fast while increasing his armor-piercing capability for a short period. This is perfect for quickly eliminating a stunned and slowed target.

Battle spell to have a frenzy attack speed
Inspire is the highly recommended battle spell for Argus

Execute. This is another battle spell to consider to finish off a target that managed to survive his combo.

Argus Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Meteoric Sword. Prioritize upgrading this second skill because it deals high damage, slow effect and continuous damage as the enemy moves. It also has a low cooldown.

Four-winged Angel with a green sword
Argus Light of Dawn Skin

Eternal Evil. Upgrade this ultimate skill as soon as it is available. The invulnerability that this skill provides doesn’t just let you survive but it also allows you to attack your enemies more since they can’t kill you.

Demonic Grip. This first skill is great for chasing, escaping and stunning your enemies but there’s no need to prioritize its upgrade.

Argus Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Inspire Basic Attacks
This is one of the recommended combos before unlocking your ultimate skill. Start by locking down your target with your First Skill. While it’s stunned, attack it with your Second Skill. Since it will be slowed, barrage it with Basic Attacks.

High kills with just 1 death by the dark angel of Mobile Legends
Epic Comeback Win by Argus

Second Combo: 
Second Skill + Basic Attacks + First Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill + Inspire + Basic Attacks
This combo is for squishy enemies with blink abilities. It’s best to start this combo while hiding inside the bush to make sure that your target gets hit. If it blinks away, chase it with your First Skill and then use your Second Skill again as soon as its cooldown is over.

Third Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attacks + Ultimate Skill + Inspire + Basic Attacks
This will end up your main combo after unlocking your ultimate skill. After casting the first two skills and then dealing with basic attacks, don’t use your Ultimate Skill right away. Make sure to use it only if your HP is at a critical level to make the most out of it.

These are just some of the combos that you can use for Argus. The sequence of the skills will always depend on your situation. In cases where you’re suddenly ambushed by several enemies, you will most likely need to start with the Ultimate Skill to keep yourself alive and then use your First Skill to escape.  

Fighting Strategy

Poke. The extending hand of Argus is a great ability to poke your target because it can stun as well. Your second skill will easily hit a stunned target to damage it and reduce its movement speed. A slow-moving target won’t be able to avoid your barrage of Basic Attacks. If it tries to fight back, use Inspire to quickly reduce its HP and trigger your passive skill more.

Survive. The worst enemies for Argus are burst damage heroes. You might think the Argus’ HP is still enough for him to cast his ultimate skill until a surprise burst attack suddenly kills you. Watch out for heroes like Beatrix, Lesley and Balmond. You might need to use your Ultimate Skill immediately even if your HP is just slightly below half to ensure survival. Always remember that you can use your First Skill to dash far away from your chasers.

Triple kill by Argus
Argus is on a killing spree!


Gank. As a hero who can lock down and immobilize an enemy, you are capable of leading a team hunt. Explore the enemy’s jungle area and bushes with some backup. As soon as you see a lone target, stun and slow it down while the rest of your allies help you eliminate it.

Team Fight. Your invulnerability is a big asset when it comes to group fights because it allows you to initiate a clash fearlessly. You can in fact be a good alternative to a tank. When you see a group of enemies passing by while you’re hiding inside the bush, prioritize attacking the weakest hero and then activate your ultimate skill the moment the rest of the group attacks you. You should have communicated to your allies beforehand to attack your attackers as they attack you. Trigger-happy enemies will just waste their skills on you while your allies burn them down. For this to succeed, proper messaging is very important.

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