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Yi Sun-shin Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide | Mobile Legends

Yi Sun-shin is the Paenlong Legend of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is a dedicated leader in the City of the Dragon fleet, which protects the trading routes from pirates in the Frozen Sea and the Sea of Hope. Despite facing constant attacks, Yi Sun-shin leads the fleet to victory and restores peace to the city.

Best Yi Sun-shin build - emblem, spell, items and tips
The Paenlong Legend of Mobile Legends – Yi Sun-shin

However, pirates spread false rumors accusing Yi Sun-shin of wanting to rule the city. The ruler believes the rumors and demotes Yi Sun-shin. With the fleet weakened, the pirates launch a devastating attack, leaving the city defenseless. The victorious pirates threaten the city, and its people consider surrendering.

In this desperate situation, Yi Sun-shin rallies the civilians, forms a new fleet, and confronts the pirates. Despite being heavily outnumbered, Yi Sun-shin’s heroic actions inspire the fleet to a miraculous victory. The defeated pirates are unable to invade the city for years to come, and Yi Sun-shin rebuilds the fleet to protect the City of the Dragon once again.

Yi Sun-shin Overview

Yi Sun-shin is an assassin/marksman who is categorized as a Finisher and Chase hero. His skills are composed of Buff, AoE, Blink and Crowd Control. His most feared attack is his Mountain Shocker ultimate skill. Aside from landing aerial attacks on enemy heroes, it can also reveal their location on the map. Enemies with low HP left can get finished by this move anywhere on the map.

Best player of Yi Sun-shin in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Yi Sun-shin of Mobile Legends: Rull Lost Feeling.

Rull Lost Feeling. is the current Global Top 1 Yi Sun-shin player of Mobile Legends who will be one of our resources in this guide. His selection of emblem, spell and items will be explored to help us get a good understanding of how those helped him reach the top position for this hero. We will also cover the combos and techniques you can use to optimize your gameplay of Yi Sun-shin.

Basic Stats

HP Regen7.2Mana Regen3
Physical ATK128Magic Power0
Physical DEF22Magic DEF15
Attack SPD1.05Movement SPD240
Attack SPD Ratio100%


Heavenly Vow

Yi Sun-shin attacks with his longbow or glaive according to his distance from the target.
Weapon Mastery. After each weapon swap, his next 2 attacks will be enhanced.

First Skill:

Yi Sun-shin dashes forward and slashes, gaining Control Immunity for 1 second.

Dauntless Fleet

Yi Sun-shin orders the Turtle Ship to charge forward, dealing damage and stunning the target for 1.2 seconds.

Second Skill:
Blood Floods

Yi Sun-shin slashes with his glaive or shoots a powerful arrow with his bow and gains Weapon Mastery afterward.

Ultimate Skill:
Mountain Shocker

Yi Sun-shin commands his fleet to fire 3 waves of cannon shots at the location of all enemy heroes and reveals their positions.

Best Yi Sun-shin Build


Yi Sun-shin Emblem Set

Custom Assassin Emblem set

Recommended Emblem and Talents for Yi Sun-shin - Mobile Legends
Custom Assassin Emblem configuration for Yi Sun-shin


Mastery – Cooldown Reduction +4.5%
Invasion – Physical Penetration +6.00
Killing Spree – Slaying an enemy hero restores 12% Max HP and increases Movement Speed by 15% for 5s.

Battle Spell


The Global Top 1 Yi Sun-shin player of Mobile Legends picked this battle spell because it is recommended to use him as a core player. This will allow him to farm in the jungle more effectively.

This battle spell is a good option to have when you’re not using Yi Sun-shin as a core hero. While he already has a dash ability, this is good to have as a backup for chasing a target or escaping surprise attacks.

Yi Sun-shin Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

First Priority – Second Skill: Blood Floods
Main Priority – Ultimate Skill: Mountain Shocker
Least Priority – First Skill: Traceless

Monster Kill by Yi Sun-shin - Mobile Legends
Yi Sun-shin is in monster mode on the battlefield!

Yi Sun-shin Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + Basic Attack 2x + First Skill + Basic Attack 2x
This is the recommended early-game combo before your Ultimate Skill is unlocked. You’re dealing 2x Basic Attacks because they get enhanced after switching weapons and each skill use. The goal of the First Skill is to get near the target because it will switch your weapon to enhance two of your Basic Attacks.

Second Combo: 
Second Skill + Basic Attack 2x + First Skill + Basic Attack 2x + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attack 2x
This combo is the same as above but with the Ultimate Skill added.

Third Combo:
Basic Attacks 2x + First Skill + Basic Attack 2x + Second Skill + Basic Attack 2x + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attack 2x
Attack a minion or jungle monster before using this combo to start it with enhanced Basic Attacks. You’re using the Second Skill for an AoE slash this time.

Passive Skill Combo:
2-2 Attack
Basic Attack 2x + Move away/close + Basic Attack 2x
1-1 Attack
Basic Attack + Move away/close + Basic Attack
There are two combos you can do for Yi Sun-shin’s Passive Skill. They’re called the 1-1 and 2-2 attacks. The first one means that you deal two Basic Attacks every time to move close or away from your target to inflict maximum damage. This is what his Passive Skill suggests but you don’t necessarily need to strictly follow it. The second passive combo means you deal 1 Basic Attack every time you move close or away from your target. Advanced players follow this because it’s more efficient and effective when you’re fighting with Basic Skills only. All of these would always depend on the situation.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Yi Sun-shin’s long-range Second Skill is ideal for poking your enemies. You can hide inside the bush before using it to prevent the enemies from avoiding your attack. Immediately follow it up with two long-range enhanced Basic Attacks and it would surely hurt them. Keep repeating the steps until the target’s HP is low enough to be killed by a swift combo.

Zero death with 15 kills by Yi Sun-shin - Mobile Legends
God Among Men Win by Yi Sun-shin!

Farm. Regardless if you took the core or the marksman role, farming is important for Yi Sun-shin to have an edge in the game. Using the 1-1 Basic Attack combo is recommended if you’re trying to kill jungle monsters and minions quickly. Don’t give your enemies a chance to get the turtle.

Team Play

Roam. If you assumed the core player role, you’re expected to roam and assist your allies whenever possible. After you killed a jungle monster near an ally’s lane, go to the nearest bush where a duel might take place to give a hint to your ally that you’ll be there to assist if he/she initiates a fight.

Gank. Always stay at the back of your allies when exploring the enemy jungle for a gank. You can help them check the bush by hitting it with your Second Skill and if the map looks suspicious, you can even use your Ultimate Skill to reveal the location of all of your enemies.

Team Fight. This is where you can make the most out of Yi Sun-shin’s Ultimate Skill because you can cast it the moment your enemies are busy fighting your allies. To expound further, the moment your tank initiate’s a fight, some enemies will get hit by Crowd Control effects and stay put while some will be triggered to help their allies. Since everyone is mostly steady during battle, they will be too busy to mind the cannon shots from your Ultimate Skill. The bigger advantage is if they’re too close together because one enemy can get hit by a cannon explosion received by an ally next to it and vice-versa.

Don’t forget that you’re still a squishy hero, always stay at the back of a tank or a fighter during a clash. Don’t forget to optimize your Second Skill’s AoE to damage by hitting as many enemies as you can. Reserve your First Skill for escaping just in case an assassin targets you during the clash. 

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