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Fresh – Subway Surfers

Fresh Harper is the third character in Subway Surfers mobile game. You can unlock him in the game by collecting 50 Fresh’s stereo tokens. He’s a cool kid who is talented in skateboarding and has a deep love for his old-school stereo. In the Subway Surfers Animated Series, it was revealed that he has a big family and his grandfather also lives with them.

Fresh in Subway Surfers Animated Series
Fresh of Subway Surfers

They live on an average income in a decent home. His family clearly represents the middle class in the series. This representation is significant because it shows that despite Jake’s family’s financial struggles and Tricky’s ultra-rich family, the three of them are good friends.

Unlike Jake, Fresh is less adventurous and is more of a chill type of person. He loves skateboarding and listening to music. As a friend, he’s reliable and supportive. Fresh and Jake helped Tricky get recognized for her passion for break dancing during her ballet recital. Overall, he’s a fun, helpful and kind friend that is easy to get along with.

Fresh Skins

Fresh Subway Surfers Default Skin
Default Outfit
  • Red stereo accessory.
  • Beige sneakers with red tongue.
  • Long white socks with red and beige lines.
  • Red shorts.
  • Green undershirt.
  • Eyeglasses.
Fresh Subway Surfers Funk Skin
Funk Outfit
  • Gray stereo accessory.
  • Purple sneakers with red tongue.
  • Spring green socks.
  • Purple shorts.
  • Green chevron undershirt.
  • Purple sunglasses.
Fresh Subway Surfers Sporty Skin
Sport Outfit
  • Red stereo accessory.
  • Brown sneakers with red tongue.
  • Ivory socks with red lines.
  • Brown jersey shorts.
  • Brown jersey shirt.
  • Brown forehead band.

Fresh Subway Surfers Variants 

Festive Fresh
  • Stereo wrapped as a Christmas gift with a yellow ribbon.
  • Red Chuck Taylor shoes.
  • Green socks.
  • Charcoal pants.
  • Leather belt with gold buckle.
  • Azure t-shirt with gold neck lining.
  • Jacket with green edges, snow design, red sleeves and red placket.
  • Christmas ball earring.
Super Runner Fresh
  • High-cut dark-green sneakers with black soles and tongue and green laces.
  • Green overalls jumpsuit.
  • Dark-green vest with built-in stereo.
  • Red undershirt.
  • Charcoal facemask.
  • Green headphones with black foam.
  • Green eyeglasses.
Elf Fresh
  • Orange stereo wrapped with green ribbon.
  • Black high-cut sneakers with white laces and soles, green vamp and collar and black toe cap and tongue.
  • White stockings with orange stripe.
  • Green overalls jumpsuit with folded pants.
  • Leather belt with bronze buckle.
  • Red t-shirt with white edges.
  • Bronze earring.
  • Red eyeglasses.

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