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Tricky – Subway Surfers

Tricky is the second character in Subway Surfers. You can unlock her in the game by collecting 3 Tricky’s hat tokens. In the cartoon series, it was revealed that her real name is Beatrice Fairchild. She is talented in dancing and skateboarding. Her talent in dancing helped her quickly learn skateboarding stunts because both needed the proper balance and timely execution of movements.

Tricky - Subway Surfers Animated Series
Tricky – Subway Surfers

Unlike her friend Jake, she was born into an ultra-rich family. Despite that fact, she is down-to-earth and friendly to everyone. Her mother, Mrs. Fairchild is a prim and proper type of woman. She sent Tricky to a ballet school for training to make her dancing more elegant and graceful.

It was later revealed during her recital that her real love is for break dancing. Fresh and Jake has done a great job showing their support for her during her tight and awkward situation. At one point when Jake is annoyed by the actions of King, Tricky’s graciousness and kindness are revealed. She helped Jake become more patient, understanding and considerate to King.

Tricky Skins

Tricky Subway Surfers Default Skin
Default Outfit
  • Red bonnet.
  • Eyeglasses with black frame.
  • White undershirt.
  • Black leather belt.
  • Gray pants.
  • White sneakers with red tongues and green laces.
Heart Outfit
  • Red cap.
  • Big light green earrings with a wristband.
  • White-bluish undershirt with heart design.
  • Black leather belt.
  • Purple low-waist baggy pants.
  • White sneakers with red tongues and green laces.
Tricky Subway Surfers Camouflage Skin
Camo Outfit
  • Maroon bonnet.
  • Black sunglasses.
  • Fatigue undershirt.
  • Black leather belt.
  • Camouflage low-waist baggy pants.
  • Dark-green sneakers.

Tricky Subway Surfers Variants

Elf Tricky
  • Red Santa Claus hat.
  • Eyeglasses with black frame.
  • Green sleeveless V-neck navel-exposed vest with white linings.
  • Green mini-skirt.
  • Black leather belt with gold buckle.
  • White stocking with orange linings.
  • White sneakers with red tongue and green laces.
Super Runner Tricky
  • Eyeglasses with black frame.
  • Charcoal facemask.
  • Golden shoulder armor with chain belt.
  • Charcoal gloves.
  • White undershirt.
  • Gold belt with turquoise buckle.
  • Charcoal pants.
  • High-cut golden shoes with gray tongues and turquoise laces.
Festive Tricky
  • Red bonnet.
  • Eyeglasses with black frame.
  • Scarlet navel-exposed sweater with garnet triangular patterns.
  • Teal undershorts.
  • Black leather belt.
  • Scarlet baggy pants.
  • Teal sneakers with red laces.

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