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Best Chou Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Chou is the Bruce Lee of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His story accounts that he was just a poor guy living in a slum area. Despite his poverty and challenges in life, he was always helpful to both the old and young in their community.

Chou Build and Guide first image
Chou: The Kung-fu Boy

One day, great unrest affected the Land of Dawn and even reached the small area of Chou. Out of nowhere, he saw a mystical monk being pursued so he rescued him and brought him to his home to take care of him. To reciprocate his kindness, the monk imparted ancient Asian Kung-Fu skills to Chou. He saw that Chou was the hero the world needed to help end the turmoil.

Chou promised to take up the challenge and travel to the Land of Dawn to become one of the heroes who will help bring peace to the land. As Chou departed, the monk made a nod and then faded into the shadows.

Chou Overview

Chou is the famed kung-fu fighter hero who is known for his iconic flying barrage kick. His skill set is composed of buff, dash, AoE and crowd control. Enemies try to keep their distance from him to avoid getting caught by his powerful target lock combo.

Best Chou player of Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Chou– 89.1% Win Rate

This guide will reference the practical techniques of the Global Top 1 Chou player Vaguiiiin. We will examine his best Chou build and then explore his choice of emblem, spell and items that helped him reach the top spot for this hero.


Passive: Only Fast
After taking 8 steps, Chou’s next Basic Attack will be empowered and deal 180% damage. This will also have a Movement Speed reduction to the target by 80% for a short period. This attack can’t be critical.

Chou Story - Mobile Legends
Basic Stats of Chou

First Skill: Jeet Kune Do
Chou dashes in a selected spot to deal 180 + 70% Total Physical Attack Damage to all enemies hit. This skill can be used three times before going on a cooldown. Chou’s third attack would knock up the enemies.
If an enemy gets hit by the third strike, the cooldown of Shunpo will be reset.

Second Skill: Shunpo
Chou leaps to a target area and gains control immunity during the leap. He’ll also gain a shield equivalent to 200 + 200% Extra Physical Attack and 15 Physical Penetration for 2 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: The Way of Dragon
Chou attacks with a powerful roundhouse kick that deals 400 + 200% Extra Physical Attack Damage and knocks back the target.
Using this skill again will make Chou swiftly dash towards the target and barrage it with kicks in mid-air dealing 400 + 200% Extra Physical Attack Damage.

Chou on a skateboard - MLBB
Chou S.T.U.N. Skin

Best Chou Build


Tough Boots. Aside from having a native crowd-control repellant, Chou can level it up even more with this item. In case Chou somehow got caught by a CC attack, it will have a shorter duration because of these boots. That’s on top of giving him Magic Defense and Movement Speed booster.

Global Top 1 Build for Chou
Best Chou Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Cursed Helmet. This item will significantly increase Chou’s HP while giving him Magic Defense. It also has a burn damage effect on enemies nearby. As a close-combat hero, bulking up Chou’s HP improves his chance of survival.

Dominance Ice. After getting a magic defense from the Cursed Helmet, this next item will increase his Physical Defense this time. It also has a passive feature that slows down the attack speed of nearby enemies while reducing their shield and HP regen.

Blade Armor. This item has the highest Physical Defense on the list. What’s great about this item is that it reflects a quarter of the Basic Attack damage that Chou receives from his enemies. It even has a slow effect on the attacker.

Iori Yagami as Chou in Mobile Legends
Chou: King of Fighters Skin

Late Game Items

Immortality. To better increase Chou’s chance of survival, getting this late-game item would be one of the best options. Aside from bulking up his HP and Physical Defense, it will let him get resurrected after a short delay. Although he’ll only have a short amount of HP upon resurrection, he’ll gain a strong shield for a short period which is enough for him to escape.

Athena’s Shield. After heavily increasing his Physical Defense, this final item will go back to increasing his Magic Defense. On top of the item’s high Magic Defense, it also has a passive feature that reduces the magic damage he’s receiving. Chou would also greatly benefit from the high HP and HP regen that it adds.

Chou Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Chou player clearly focused on making him a tank based on his choice of items so it’s not a surprise that he picked the Custom Tank Emblem set. Some use the Custom Assassin Emblem partnered with damage-type items which can work as well if your style is focused on swift killing. Let’s check what effective configuration he’s using for this emblem.

Physical Defense, Magic Defense and Concussive Blast
Custom Tank Emblem configuration for Chou

For the first feature, he maxed out Firmness to boost Chou’s Physical Defense at the start of the game. He picked Purity for the second feature which is for boosting his Magic Defense. He clearly has a very defensive approach toward Chou.

Finally, he selected Concussive Blast to inflict an AoE Magic Damage to all enemies near him.

Battle Spell

Flicker. Considering Chou’s combo, this mobility spell works best on how he tends to jump in and out of the battle. Flicker will help him chase an enemy who managed to survive his attacks while it will also help him escape unexpected situations.

Teleportation battle spell
Flicker is the highly recommended spell for Chou

Arrival. If you want to focus on his roaming aspect, this spell would be a good option. You can respond to clashes much faster and even help push the towers if left unguarded.

Chou Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Jeet Kune Do. Since this is Chou’s high damage skill which can be used up to three times, make it a priority to upgrade it.

A fighter hero knocking back his enemy
Chou’s Ultimate Skill: The Way of the Dragon

The Way of Dragon. This ultimate skill is his killer move so make sure to upgrade it as soon as it’s ready.

Shunpo. As a buff, chase and escape skill, it doesn’t really deal as much damage as the first skill so you don’t need to hurry in upgrading it.

Chou Combo

First Combo:
Second Skill + Basic Attack + First Skill 3X
This is your first combo before reaching level 4. Use this while hiding inside the bush with an active buff. The goal of this combo is to give you a shield before a duel then slow down your enemy with your empowered basic attack. After that, you can barrage it with your first skill. 
You also have an option to move the Basic Attack after using one of his first skills.

Second Combo: 
First Skill + First Skill + Flicker + First Skill + Move Behind the Target + Ultimate Skill + Ultimate Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attack
If you’re standing close to the tower then an enemy shows up, use this combo to quickly chase it then knock it back to the tower. You may not even need to do the last two steps since the tower most likely killed the target already.
Take note that the longer you delay pressing the ultimate skill again, the farther away will your enemy be when you knock it back. Just be careful not to delay it too much.

High kills with zero deaths in Mobile Legends
Legendary Win by Chou

Ambush Combo
First Skill + First Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Move Behind the Target + Ultimate Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attack
In this combo, you’re performing two of the first skills inside the bush but you’re reserving your third attack. When the enemy moves near the bush, dash using your second skill then knock it up with your first skill. Move behind the target then barrage it with your ultimate skill.

These are just some examples of combos that you can use for Chou. There are many other ways that you can combine his skills depending on the situation. You can even start the combo with his ultimate skill if the need arises.

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Before reaching level 4, Chou already has a buff, slow effect, dash, CC, shield and Flicker. These are all the elements that will allow you to strike your enemy hard and then back out to avoid retaliation. Simply wait for your short cooldown to reset and then you can go through the same steps again to send your enemy home to heal. Take advantage of killing the crab while your enemy is away.

Farm. Clear out the minion waves quickly to help Chou level up faster and earn more gold. Never disregard your constant need to upgrade and complete your item build ahead of your enemies. 

Monster skill by a fighter hero in MLBB
Chou is on fire in the game!

Gank. Since Chou has Crowd Control and target-lock combos, it is best for him to keep roaming around to help his teammates. Simply hide in the bush of your ally’s lane, then do a surprise attack using one of the recommended combos above. With the help of your ally, there’s a very good chance to kill the enemy.

Survive. Take advantage of his second skill to avoid Crowd Control attacks. When you see that Guinevere is about to land on you, dash away and she won’t be able to knock you up. Since she’s already close to you, knock her back with your ultimate skill then attack her with your combo. His second skill allows him to avoid other CC attacks like Selena’s arrow, Nana’s Molina, Kaja’s rope and other similar attacks.

Team Fight. Utilize Chou’s first skill to knock up a group of enemies who are too close together then pluck out their mage or marksman out of the group using his ultimate skill. It will end up in a 4v5 fight if executed successfully. 

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