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Best Mathilda Build – Emblem, Spell, Items & Guide

Mathilda is the Tiger Lily of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She is a member of an ancient tribe that is rich in culture and traditions. They guarded the mountains within their territory and consider them sacred. One day, some sand hunters got lost in their area after chasing some beasts. When the tribesmen saw that they were all badly wounded and are nearing death—they took care of them and helped them recover.

Best Mathilda Build - Emblem, Spells, Items and Guide | Mobile Legends
Mathilda: The Swift Plume

Before leaving, the sand hunters promised to pay them for their kindness. Later on, what they got in return is a group of thugs with their leader Blandy. Mathilda’s father Thasgard, who is the chief of the tribe, refused Blandy’s offer to have mining operations in their sacred mountains. This made Blandy upset so he shot Thasgard and then threatened the tribesmen that they’ll eliminate them if they don’t leave the area.

Mathilda went to Los Pecados to look for people who can help their tribe but she ended up getting bullied by bandits. Clint saw her situation and then helped her drive them away. After listening to Mathilda’s story, he discovered that Blandy was behind the threat to her tribe. Since Clint wants revenge against Blandy, he helped her tribe fight along with Claude and many others. They successfully defeated Blandy’s group and peace was restored in their land. Because of her bravery, Mathilda was summoned to the mountain range. She received a mysterious power that no one else received in their tribe for hundreds of years.

Mathilda Overview

Mathilda is a support/assassin hero who casts Magic Attacks. Her set of skills is composed of burst, AoE, stun, buff and blink. Her ability to give a shield and blink with her allies makes her a support hero while her ability to lock down and stun her target makes her an assassin.

Best player of Mathilda in Mobile Legends
Global Top 1 Mathilda – 90.5% Win Rate

This guide will be referencing the current Global Top 1 Mathilda player ANGRY DIGGIE >_<. He managed to maintain a 90.5% win rate for this hero after 902 games. We will examine her best Mathilda build and analyze his choice of emblem, spell and items to understand how they’re best suited for Mathilda’s set of skills.


Passive: Ancestral Guidance
Whenever Mathilda moves, she earns an Ancestral Guidancecharge. When the charge is full, her next Basic Attack becomes empowered and will deal 200 + 100% Total Physical Attack Damage + 100% Total Magic Attack Damage. She will also have an 80 Movement Speed boost that wanes for 2.5 seconds.

Mathilda Story
Basic Stats of Mathilda

First Skill: Soul Bloom
Mathilda taps on the power of her ancestors to attract wisps that increase as she moves within 3.5 seconds (6 wisps max).
After the time limit or if the skill is used again, the wisp with attack nearby enemies and deal 375 + 100% Total Magic Power Damage. This attack will commence whether the enemy is visible or not and it will prioritize enemy heroes.
If only one target is hit by several wisps, it will only receive 20% of the damage after the first hit.

Dash Attacks

Second Skill: Guiding Wind
Mathilda dashes in a specific direction and then surrounds herself with a field. Upon landing, she gains a shield with 500 + 180% Total Magic Power and her Movement Speed gets a 25% boost for 3 seconds. Allies within her field will get a Guiding Wind and 70% equivalent of her shield. The first ally who gets the Guiding Wind will have the same amount of increased Movement Speed and will be guided to Mathilda.
If Mathilda is executing her Circling Eagle when this skill is used, she won’t be able to dash. The Guiding Wind will end in 2 seconds after the ally leaves her field.

Lady dressed in pink flower and green leaves
Mathilda Floral Crown Skin

Ultimate Skill: Circling Eagle
Mathilda puts a Soul Mark on her target the fly around it for 2 seconds. As she circles around, some wisps will attack nearby enemies that deal 60 + 15% Total Magic Power Damage.
After 2 seconds or if this skill is used again, Mathilda will dash towards the enemy to knock it back and stun it for 0.4 seconds. This will deal 320 + 120% Total Magic Attack Damage.
While circling around, Mathilda will have Crowd Control immunity and a shield that is equivalent to 600 + 160% Total Magic Power. 

Best Mathilda Build


Tough Boots. As a hero who attacks in close combat, Mathilda is prone to receiving crowd control attacks so getting this first item will help reduce its effect on her. This will also give her Magic Defense and a Movement Speed boost.

Global Top 1 player build for Mathilda - Mobile Legends
Best Mathilda Build – Emblem, Spell & Items

Dominance Ice. Since she tends to dive into the heart of the battle, it’s important to increase her Physical Defense with this item. This will also give her high mana and slight Movement Speed improvement. The passive feature of this item will reduce the shield and HP regen of the enemies around her while slowing their Attack Speed by 30%.

Radiant Armor. To make Mahilda even tougher, bulking up her HP and Magic Defense even further with this item will make her very hard to kill. On top of that, this item could also help her heal with its HP regen. Its passive feature levels up her Magic Defense as she receives magic attacks.

Enchanted Talisman. This next item will increase her Magic Attack and let her cast her skills more because of its high cooldown reduction. It will also slightly increase her HP while helping her continuously recover her mana.

A fairy in a hi-tech attire
Mathilda Dream Groove Skin

Late Game Items

Oracle. Given that she generates shields that she shares with her allies, it’s best to boost it with this item. It will also improve the HP regen that she got from Radiant Armor. The other two great benefits of this item are the high HP increase and slight cooldown reduction.

Immortality. This final item goes back to boosting her Physical Defense and increasing her HP even more. Its best feature is the resurrection upon death. There’s a short period before Mathilda is revived. Upon resurrecting, only a small percentage of her life will be restored but she’ll gain an extra shield that is enough to help her escape a bad situation.

Mathilda Emblem Set

The Global Top 1 Mathilda player found it effective to use the Custom Support Emblem set for this hero. Her abilities seem to be in every place because Mathilda is also considered an assassin but her items are for tanks. The hybrid attack definitely fits with Mathilda’s passive feature because it also deals with Physical Damage. Let’s examine what configuration he made for this emblem. 

Hybrid penetration, Hybrid Regen type of Emblem
Custom Support Emblem configuration for Mathilda

For the first feature, he selected and maxed out Agility to boost Mathilda’s Movement Speed. This would improve her survivability and chase ability since she can run away faster. It will also allow her to quickly help her allies. He maxed out Recovery for the second feature to help Mathilda quickly heal on her own. This blends perfectly with her Radiant Armor.

For the final feature, he picked Avarice with the goal of gold in mind. More money means more items and greater dominance in the game.

Battle Spell

Flicker. Our pro player is using Flicker for Mathilda. It’s clear that he’s seriously focusing on her survival and chase ability. 

Recommended blink spell for support hero in Mobile Legends
Flicker is the highly recommended spell for Mathilda

Petrify. Since Mathilda can go deep inside the battle because of her ultimate skill, she can freeze more enemies with this skill and allow her allies to barrage them with attacks helplessly.

Aegis. The game itself recommends this battle spell for Mathilda. Perhaps the best reason for it is because it works very similar to her second skill. It gives her a shield while giving her allies almost the same amount of protection.

Mathilda Gameplay

Skill Upgrade Priority

Soul Bloom. This is Mathilda’s most painful basic skill yet it has a short cooldown so make sure to prioritize upgrading it.

Support hero stunning a target - MLBB
Mathilda’s Ultimate Skill: Circling Eagle

Circling Eagle. Since this ultimate skill is the most damaging ability that Mathilda has—upgrade it as soon as it’s ready.

Guiding Wind. While this is a good escape, chase and defense skill, you don’t have to upgrade it right away.

Mathilda Combo

First Combo:
First Skill + Second Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks
This will be your first combo before getting your ultimate skill. You start by activating your first skill and then rushing in to get close to your enemy before releasing the wisps with your first skill again. Follow it up with your buffed Basic Attack.

Second Combo: 
First Skill + Ultimate Skill + Basic Attacks + Second Skill (To Chase or Escape)
In this combo, you’re just going to wait for the first skill to release the wisp on its own since your target will be stunned and you’ll keep chasing it wth your Basic Attacks and Second Skill.

High assist in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Expert Wingman Win by Mathilda

Third Combo:
Second Skill + Ultimate Skill + First Skill + First Skill + Basic Attacks
If you’re sure that your target is alone based on the map, you can use this skill as a surprise attack on a squishy enemy. 

Fighting Strategy

Poke. Since Mathilda has a buff, dash and shield early in the game—it will be easy for her to poke her enemies while getting minimal damage in return. Harass your enemies with your combo and see them head back home to heal.

Roam and Gank. Since Mathilda is poor in farming minions, try to farm enemy heroes instead by constantly visiting other lanes. Her knockback and stun skills would be a good way to help your ally lock down an enemy to kill.

Survive. If you’re being chased and you already used your flicker and second skill, use your buffed Basic Attack because it can boost your Movement Speed. If you know that the attack you’re going to make would be risky, reserve your second skill for escaping.

Mathilda eliminating Alice in the game
Monster Kill by Mathilda in the battlefield

Team Fight. Mathilda is a powerful teammate when it comes to group clashes because she can give a shield to her allies. She can also bring a tank with her using her second skill after locking down on a target. Stunning one of your enemies narrows down the fight to 4v5 momentarily.

Mathilda Tricks

  • Odette, Gord and Chang’e can be dragged by Mathilda while casting their ultimate skills without getting interrupted. 
  • A bouncing Khufra would be good to drag to a group of enemies.
  • Mathilda can ride Johnson and drag another teammate with them.
  • Johnson possessed by Angela with Mathilda inside dragging Cecilion who is possessed by Carmilla is the biggest family trip you can have in the game.

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