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Crewmate Objectives and Tips – Among Us

A crewmate is one of the two roles in Among Us. The main objectives of this role are to complete a list of tasks and to catch the impostor. Accomplishing either will result in a victory. Some crewmates can have extra abilities when given special roles.

Seven crewmates in different outfits for Among Us
Crewmate intro at the start of Among Us

Scientist allows a crewmate to check everyone’s vitals anywhere on the map while Engineers can use the vents. Some dead crewmates can turn into a Guardian Angel which has the ability to provide temporary protection to crewmates who are about to get attacked by an impostor. Dead crewmates can still work on tasks to win the game.

Crewmate Tips


Unique rules. Always read the rules configured for the room before the game starts. Each room will have a unique rule and setup based on what the creator made. If the game is about to start when you enter, just check if the impostor is a shapeshifter and if there are engineers and scientists. Failing to see that the room has a shapeshifter can result in accusing the wrong player.

List of game room rules in Among Us
Always read the rules before the game starts

Color labels. Learn the proper color labels so that you can properly inform everyone in the chat when you catch an impostor. Failing to distinguish Lime vs Green and Pink vs Rose can result in voting out the wrong crewmate. Hint: If you see an egg of a shapeshifter and you can’t tell if the impostor shifted or unshifted, its real identity is based on the color of the egg.

Don’t mind your own business. As you go around the map or while doing your tasks, always be aware of the image and color of the crewmates around you and then memorize them. If someone reported that a dead body was found in the admin area and you just saw someone rushing to leave near that area—you can tell that to everyone during discussions. If you’re not minding what’s around you, an impostor might be venting out near you already without you noticing it.

A yeti crewmate in the Weapons Area in The Skeld Map of Among Us
Memorize the crewmates around you

Dangerous spots. Avoid spots like the Electrical, Navigation and Reactor areas at the start of the game unless you have plenty of company. You don’t want to die early in the game by starting there since these are some of the favorite spots of impostors.


Confirm legit task doers. One way to confirm that the task worked on is legit is when you see the green bar above move the moment the crewmate is finished. In some cases, it may not be 100% because someone else somewhere could have finished a task as well. The surest way to confirm a legit crewmate is if it can scan in the Medbay or dispose of the trash at the bottom of the map.

Be efficient. Learn how to do the tasks quickly in practice mode so that you can quickly finish them in the actual game. Spending too much time on a task can also leave you vulnerable to impostors.

Fix wiring in Among Us
Finish crewmate tasks faster

Security guard. If you managed to survive until you finished your tasks, assume the role of a security guard for a crewmate that is confirmed to do legit tasks. It’s always hard for one impostor to kill a crewmate who has a pair.

Prove your innocence. Don’t immediately do tasks like scanning or emptying the trash at the bottom part of the map because these tasks can help prove your innocence. Put them last on your list in case you need to use them when wrongly accused.

A crewmate doing a scan in Medbay - Among Us
A Medbay scan can prove you’re a crewmate

Have a partner. Another safer way to win the game is for looking for a crewmate who does legit tasks and then guarding it before working on your own tasks. If the crewmate managed to quickly finish his/her tasks, ask the player to guard you afterward. You can also do some of your tasks as you guard it if you’re in an area where you have a task.

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