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Impostor Objective and Tips – Among Us

An impostor is the villain role in Among Us. The main objective of this character is to prevent the crew from fulfilling its mission by eliminating all of them. The impostor is capable of using the vent and sabotaging critical facilities.  

Impostor role assigned to player
Impostor – Among Us

A vent escape allows it to quickly leave a crime scene and avoid running into someone who is about to enter a room while sabotaging facilities can help distract the crewmates from quickly finding out about the crime.

An impostor can also be set to have a shapeshifting ability. This allows it to copy the appearance of one of the crewmates. Its main purpose is to confuse the crewmates about the real identity of the impostor. Up to three impostors can be put in one game.

Impostor Tips

Sabotage cleverly. The best time to sabotage is immediately right after killing a crewmate far from the area sabotaged. If someone is about to go near your area, it will most likely switch directions to help fix what was sabotaged. You can also go there to pretend to help fix the damage. Look for another victim who is far from the previous one and do the same step. In many cases, the person who found the dead body gets suspected as the impostor.

An impostor who is about to eliminate a crewmate after a sabotage
Sabotage to distract the crewmates from the crime scene

Vent wisely. The safe approach is to minimize venting or not venting at all. There’s a risk for you to be seen by someone who just entered a room where you vented or someone who just came out of the room might return and discover that you’re suddenly there.

Kill craftily. When you see crewmates wrongly accusing someone of an impostor, avoid killing that crewmate. He will most likely be voted out next after you killed another victim. You’ll end up hitting two birds with one stone. If the player who wrongly accused a crewmate gets voted out as well after your next kill, you just made another hit of two birds with one stone again.

An impostor killed a crewmate in Among Us
Impostor kill

Mischief Arts

Art of deception. While integrity is an important virtue to hold in life, you’ll have to let it go in this game in a creative way. Always have an answer prepared beforehand if ever you get accused as an impostor. If someone accused you of just leaving near a crime scene, answer back that “If I was the impostor, I would have used the vent.” Pretend to motivate the team by encouraging them to quickly finish the tasks because you’re about to win. If a player wrongly accused a crewmate and it turns out to be wrong, accuse that player of wrongly accusing crewmates to make everyone suspicious of that player. He will most likely get voted out next.

A very smart impostor comment by a player in Among Us
Clever impostor

Art of silence. The best way to start the game as an impostor is to just be silent. Your silence can also help you assess the kind of mindset the players have in the room before unloading your tricks. Most players tend to be suspicious of loud crewmates. Speak only when necessary. Less words, less mistake. There are many cases where you can win without typing a single letter. No words, no mistake.

Late-game trick. If there are only 4 players left and you went into a room with just 3 of you, you can actually kill one of the crewmates and get away. How? Immediately report the other one who is with you. Most crewmates tend to vote for the first player reported and view the person’s answer as being defensive. After that crewmate is booted out, the other two players already know that you’re the real impostor but can’t do anything about it. All you have to do is kill one of them before they can use the emergency button for you to win.

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