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Hide N Seek Tips: Hiding Spots, Evasion & More – Among Us

Hide N Seek is an added game mode in Among Us released on December 9, 2022. It’s a fast-paced game where the goal of the impostor is to eliminate all of the crewmates within the set time limit. The game starts with a short dramatic effect of the impostor slowly turning into a monster.

Hide N Seek Cover Photo - Among Us
Hide N Seek – Among Us

The impostor will win the game if all of the crewmates are successfully eliminated. Even if there’s just one surviving crewmate after the time is over, the entire crew automatically wins. The crewmates can perform some tasks to shorten the game’s time limit.

Hide N Seek Tips & Tricks


Hiding spots. Start the game by rushing toward the best hiding spots. The best hiding spots are in the engine and reactor areas. In the upper and lower engines, position yourself in the lower-left corner and you should be totally hidden. Make sure that you’re not wearing hats and game mode has the names hidden for you to achieve this. Just a disclaimer, these hiding spots may work on new players but not on seasoned impostors.

Hide N Seek: A crewmate in a hiding spot - Among Us
Lower Engine Hiding Spot

Get naked. The less fancy you look, the harder it is for you to get spotted. Having a pet trailing you will make it easy for the impostor to quickly track you. Wearing a tall hat is like extending your body’s height. The bigger you are, the higher chance an impostor will see you. The best approach is to completely go naked and pick the white color if you can. The white color blend in the reactor area, making it hard for the impostor to spot you.

Reactor hiding spot in Hide N Seek - Among Us
The impostor left thinking that the bare body is part of the reactor.

Chase the impostor. Put yourself in the situation of the impostor and then try to predict where it could already be. Then, carefully move like you’re tracking the impostor’s movement from behind. This will prevent the impostor from finding you because you’re always behind it. Prepare to run fast if it suddenly shifts in direction.


Calculate the duration. Getting killed in the game is normal but the most you can do is memorize the time that most of the impostors reach your favorite hiding spot. If you believe that the impostor is close to the time of reaching you, use the vent and stay in that safe area for a short moment and then you can decide if you should run farther away or vent back into your hiding spot.

Using the vent in Among Us
Vent wisely

Late game rush. The game’s default will reveal your location using a red dot at the late part of the game. When you reach that point, rush to the nearest vent and wait for the red dot to flash. Once your location is revealed, wait for a few seconds and then use the vent to move to another location. The purpose of this is to have the impostor chase you in your revealed location, only to find out that you vented to another location that will talk a long run to reach. Keep on doing the same technique until the time is over.

Happy crewmates after closely losing a game
Carry the team with your elusiveness


Common hiding spots. Start the hunt on the common hiding spots like the engines, reactor and navigation areas. Encountering some crewmates along the way would be a bonus but most of the crewmates tend to flock to the common hiding spots.

Impostor eliminated a crewmate
Caught a crewmate in the Electrical room

Don’t miss a corner. Make sure that you’re checking each corner because some crewmates tend to hide there. Most of the overlooked corners are in the reactor and cafeteria areas. They’re so wide that’s why there’s a tendency for the edges and corners to be missed.

Spot the invisible. Looks can be deceiving in the engine sections because you won’t see the crewmates hiding in there. The simplest way to counter the trick is by checking the kill button. If it activates, it means that there are crewmates around that you can kill.

Crewmate caught by impostor in vent - Hide N Seek
Vent ambush

Randomize directions. Don’t move in a particular circular direction because some of the crewmates might just be trailing your back. Randomly change your direction to make sure that you’re not missing a target. Having unpredictable moves will cause panic among the crewmates.


Stay put. Sometimes, staying in place is the best way to catch the crewmates. Start the game by eliminating a few crewmates to shock them into running constantly. Then, stand in a narrow hallway and wait for them to pass by near you. Just chill as you keep on eliminating anyone who passes by your range of sight. This technique is only recommended in the early part of the game.

Hide N Seek Bloodbath - Among Us
Eliminated crewmates by just standing in the hallway

Vent Ambush. When a crewmate vents, leave it for a short time and then come back. The crewmates tend to vent back in the same spot and then went in if they see you leave. Most will think that you already went to the other vent to continue chasing them.

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